Friday, November 5, 2010

Terrier: Beka Cooper

By Tamora Pierce 
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages: 536 

Tamora Pierce begins a new Tortall trilogy introducing Beka Cooper, an amazing young woman who lived 200 years before Pierce's popular Alanna character. For the first time, Pierce employs first-person narration in a novel, bringing readers even closer to a character that they will love for her unusual talents and tough personality.

Beka Cooper is a rookie with the law-enforcing Provost's Guard, and she's been assigned to the Lower City. It's a tough beat that's about to get tougher, as Beka's limited ability to communicate with the dead clues her in to an underworld conspiracy. Someone close to Beka is using dark magic to profit from the Lower City's criminal enterprises--and the result is a crime wave the likes of which the Provost's Guard has never seen before.

The tale of Beka Cooper is not only one of the best Tamora books ( to me), but the most prosmising.  To be fair I haven't read Protector of the Small yet.... And I mean yet. Anyway, characters and places I could see, hear, and touch. I also liked that the "quest" she set out to do was realistic ( not that I don't like the other kinds too). Kidnapping, murdars, handsome coves; The Lower City is a fine place to be in 240.
I  recommend reading Alanna's series first and then her daughters ( Trickster's) before reading about Beka. But Terrier can stand on its own. Either way readers will enjoy Beka's story.  The characters are all vivid and lively with thier past and presents just as myestrious furtures. 

        " The Lower City is mine, it's people are mine.
            If I find them that's doing all this kidnapping and murdering,
they best pray for mercy
because once I get my teeth in 'em
I will never let them go."
                    ~ Beka Cooper

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