Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm back...

Hey fellow bookies! First and foremost, I know I have a lot of apologizing to do... I have not been very good with doing posts. I just started high school (!?) and it is very very different. Today I though it would be fun to share my list of how high school in real life compares to high schools in books....

HARRY POTTER- Although I've seen a lot of kids dressing up in cloaks and even fairy wings, I have yet to see any magic.

THE CLIQUE- I do wish our cafeteria had a Batista and sushi options, but I will just have to stick with a packed lunch.

TWILIGHT- As crazy as my school is, I don't think anyone wants to suck my blood... yet.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS- The only "scary" note i have received is from a school gang.

So, there is my ( short) list of books compared to my life. If you are still in the mood for a good dose of high school drama, I suggest Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson or of course the Clique series by Lisi Harrison. Yes, these are all chick-lit books, but it is well worth your time. Well, I am off now to my "real" high school life... safe reading!

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