Saturday, November 6, 2010

Matched Giveaway! 

I decided I was in a giving mood today. So here it it is: The Matched Giveaway! Yay, you may all scream now, it is not against the law. Anyway,  rules are the same as last time. For those of you that may have forgotten are not seem them. Here they are:

( This my get confusing, but don't worry I'll explain!
  1. You must leave a comment, giving me your e-mail, twitter name ( If you have one) and extra entries
  2. Each entry ( including the one you get for just entering) must have a number.
  3. The number you will start with will be determined by the number LAST posted.  ( e.g Last posted 120, you start at 121...)
  4. This is only for U.S ( sorry, I'm poor at the moment)

Tweet: +2 ( must have @bookpyscho* or will not count) *I know it's spelled wrong. You can tweet every 24 hours. 
Blog post: +5 (Leave link please)
Sidebar: +3 ( Leave link please)
Follower: New +2 ,  Old +5 ( Before Matched Giveaway)
So.... here's an example
The person before had posted the number 69 last so....
Email: blah ( at)  g-mail ( dot) com
Twitter: @blahtwitter
#70, 71 Tweeted: +2 
#73,74,75,76,77 Blog: +5 Link
#78 & 79: New Follower: +2
#80:Just to enter: 1!
P.S you can also leave the numbers at the bottom like so: # 70,71,72.. etc
The next person that comments will began at 81! FYI, if you tweet the next day start a new comment and number them accordingly ( if the person before you put 40... you put 41). 
Hope that makes sense, if not, e-mail me at with any questions. Let the contest begin! 
(Copied off Nightshade Giveaway)
Have fun! Contest ends Nov. 18th or maybe sooner depending on the number of entries. 
Read, Write, Love
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  1. I don't see any comments before me so I guess that makes this #1-4. Following on GFC and tweeted (

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!

    #5, #6 Tweet: +2!/nfmgirl/status/3820977540567041

    #7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Blog post: +5

    #12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Follower: +5 Old follower

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  3. Email: bookwormoakes (at) yahoo (dot) com
    #17, 18 Tweeted: +2
    #19 & 20: New Follower: +2
    #21: Just to enter: 1!


  4. #22 Daily Tweet:!/nfmgirl/status/4359414236577793

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  5. #23 Daily Tweet:!/nfmgirl/status/4621296470073344

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  6. #24 Daily Tweet:!/nfmgirl/status/4945751352287232

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  7. Lisa Garrett
    lag110 at mchsi dot com
    #25,26 Tweeted +2
    #27,28 new follower +2
    #29 Just to enter!

  8. #30 Tweet:!/nfmgirl/status/5329454456901632

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com