Thursday, August 12, 2010

Complaints from a Teenage Writer

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    Today is a Thursday!!!! Whoa! And now your all wondering why Thursday is so awesome. Well... I don't know yet. It's not Friday which most people like to hoot for and it's not Wednesday which at least for me is library day and who doesn't want to scream for books? So, I decided to give Thursday some love. If you have reason why Thursday awesome, share it with us!
   Anyway, I'd like to talk to you about writing. I know there's a difference between being a writer and being an author; I'm working on it, but there's a little friend/ arch nemesis that gets in my way: The Delete Key. ( Insert Dramatic Music) One day I'll write a scene I think is good, but the next day I go back to it and have a minor meltdown because there's something wrong with it and I have to make it perfect. So I rewrite. And rewrite. Until it dawns on me that I have over 100 pages of rewrites from the first three chapters. Sad, right?
   Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girl series, has a great article on her site about my problem as she simple states, " Don't Get it Right Get it Written ".   So, I stopped rewriting and am 10% done with my book! I know there are some flaws in my book, but I'll get to them later. However, the Delete Key is still there like the Cookie Dough ice cream in the freezer or the cupcakes on my counter. It taunts me and I'm trying to do my best not to push it. Besides the cupcake frosting would get all over it!  
Read, Write, Love,

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  1. That delete key can work wonders, as scary as it is. Good to know it's there. Just keep writing as you are!