Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carol & Sara's Giveaways for a Good Cause

Both of these wonderful bloggers are hosting giveaway with awesome books. 
( Half of Carol's)
[First7booksinARCSGaloregiveaway[11].jpg] Win an ARC or signed book set!!
( Sara's!!!)

Awesome, right? Go enter and also look at Skip a Starbucks! One of their friends is trying to adopt a little girl from China and she needs our help. Also if you donate, you have the chance to win ( at Sara's)
EXTRAORDINARY releases in September, and I'll mail it out this weekend so you'll get it ahead of everyone else who's waiting to read it!


**** And you also get extra entries for donating in her other contest too ( On both blogs!)******
Carol's offering
Claire de LuneSo check it out. Skip a Starbuck, donate, particapate, and the next time you go to starbucks you may have some great books to read!

Read, Write, Love

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