Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back From Camp and NOT a Pretty Little Liar!


Everyone has something to hide—especially high school juniors Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna.
Spencer covets her sister's boyfriend. Aria's fantasizing about her English teacher. Emily's crushing on the new girl at school. Hanna uses some ugly tricks to stay beautiful.
But they've all kept an even bigger secret since their friend Alison vanished.
How do I know? Because I know everything about the bad girls they were, the naughty girls they are, and all the dirty secrets they've kept. And guess what? I'm telling. - A
One sec.. ( OH MY GOD!!!!! OHHHHHHH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T I READ THIS WHEN AUTMUN TOLD ME TO!!!!).... I honestly can say that the summary does a mighty fine job of telling how juicy and dramatic this book is-- and guess what!-- there's EIGHT books. I know, I know... awesome right? But I loved how this book wasn't another " guy meets girl and then her best friend steals him ( That's what I thought originally  it was about, by the way)"... Nope it's better. I might not agree or totatlly understand what's going on in these four girls heads, but that's what makes the book interesting. And what they all try to hide. I really don't want to spoil anything, so this review is short and sweat.... and I'm tired.
Read, Write, Love,

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