Thursday, July 15, 2010

The troubles of a book lover/fan.... Yes, all you book lovers and fans out there know what I'm talking about. We all know that there are serious health risks by becoming a book lover and fan. You know...

The Waiting: A sickness in which poor souls will wait in agony for the newest book. Symptoms include; anxiety, obsession, and minor depression( in the event the publication date is pushed back). Cure: ARC

The ARC Madness: A disease that is most obsessive. A person will spend night and day searching for a ARC contest in which allows them to read the book they've been waiting for! Symptoms: Hand cramps and fatigue. When your gym teachers finds you staggering, barely able to walk he'll yell " ( Insert Name)! Drop and give me twenty!". You open your eyes to give him the Death Glare and say, " It's summer." Cure: Actually winning the ARC.

The Squeal: This is not a risk to OUR health , but to anyone close by when a book lover/fan finds herself/himself in the possession of a ARC, good book, or in the middle of a really dramtic screen in which we yell " DON"T DO IT" instead of squeal. Cure: Earplugs.

There is more, but it's getting late and I, under the influence of the ARC Madness, am tired from trying to win Clockwork Angel, Firelight, Matched, and the Eternal Ones. Good Night and make sure to come back every Tuesday and Saturday for a new post. Daisy's next post will be about the new book... The Education of Bet!
By Daisy.

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