Friday, July 23, 2010

Romance Novels... Why they are so Darn Addicting and So Unrealistic.

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Romance novels are one of the many things in this world that can be categorized as a 'guilty pleasure.' Whether we dive in it to past time, pleasure, or simply just for the true feeling of falling in love, we all can agree that they give us a feeling, no matter good or bad. Which brings us to...
Why Romance Novels are so Darn Addicting..
  • Drama... who doesn't love to see some good old "( insert romantic name here) cheated on me" or " (insert romantic name here) lied to me" or even " (insert romantic name here) had my baby" ?
  • They give us hope, like the fantasy of the nerdy girl gets hot guy or the lonely boy gets the popular girl.
  • They are usually a good quick read, that gives you that feeling of yearning for the sequel.
Why Romance Novels are so Unrealistic..
  • They do not prepare you for the real world if you try to ask out that popular guy/ girl and (s)he says no.

    • They are labeled as "chick reads" 
    • The sequel can take ages to come out.. and when it does, you usually forget the whole storyline
    • The movie adaptions.. ( example: twilight)
    Anyways.... No matter how you put it, romantic books are ideal for the yearning romantic in all of us.. give them a try! 

    Romantically Yours, 
    What is your favorite romantic book? Tell us.. maybe we will review it :)

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