Friday, July 16, 2010

Pressure... we all can Understand

All of us feel it everyday... pressure, the expectation to be a flawless portrait of modern times. Some of us go to high ends to achieve a picture perfect image. This week I am reviewing "Artichoke's Heart" by  Suzanne Supplee and "At Face Value" by Emily Frankin. Here is the scoop.....
 Artichokes Heart:
Description:  This book is a fine emotional read, with a hint of southern tongue. I found myself channeling old episodes of " Biggest Loser", due to weight loss roller coaster leading me through the chapters.

Storyline: Rosemary Goode is a teenage girl with a little problem. Well... maybe a bigger one. Despite her full, charming personality,  one of Rosemary's characteristics sticks out the most: her weight. All through the book, Rosemary battles many challenges, including her crush ( cliche), a new friend, her mom, and most of all, finding who she really is meant to be behind all the weight.

Overall??: I would definitely recommend this book to all preteen girls out there trying to find themselves, and who are in need of a good emotional roller coster... just hold on, it can get bumpy.

At Face Value:
Description: I found myself biting at the edge with this book.. I felt as if I was on the sidelines, desperatly cheering for the main character, page by page.

Storyline: Cyrie Bergerac has a problem. A big problem that is: her unusually large nose. This flaw has blocked (literally) everything Cyrie has ever wanted: her crush, Eddie, popularity, and most of all, confidence. Cyrie channels a timid teen all throughout the book, especially when her friend, Leyla, has a crush on Eddie. Soon, Leyla has Cyrie writing Eddie emails in her name.. Will Cyrie ever get her way?

Overall??: This is a book for all the romantics in us.... definitely a great summer-lay in sun-try to tan-read.

All of these books prove the never-fading truth.. "Beauty comes from within"
Well, I hope you all enjoyed my first post.. hope you enjoy reading! Ciao!


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