Sunday, February 13, 2011

Want to Win a Nook?!?!?

The Nook Giveaway winner will receive:
Ok! Just learned about this today, so..... Here it goes:
There are fourteen blogs. Having fourteen giveaways. If you enter one of their giveaways AND win! You get an entry into the Nook Giveaway ( at least I think... It may vary from blog to blog)
So the more giveaways you enter the more chances to win a NOOK!!!! And also win the other awesome giveaways! 
Good Luck!

Between the Covers

In the Outhouse
Hooked to Books
Books Complete Me

I'm a Reader, not a Writer

Wastepaper Prose

Page Turners

Fire & Ice
Forbidden Reviews 
Reading Lark 
Reading Teen
and I can't get the link to VLC Production!!!! 

Go forth and enter!
Ends today at 11:59PM
Read, Write, Love

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