Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time to get Classy!

We all may remember that little, redheaded, eleven year-old girl, Anne. ALWAYS spelled with an 'e'. Yep, that's right; Anne of Green Gables! This book has celebrated it's 100th birthday two years ago and it's like wine. The more it ages, the better it tastes.
( My book summary):

Siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are growing old and can’t do as much work as they’re use to on their little farm called Green Gables. So they decide to adopt an orphan boy to help around the farm. But with a little mistake, it’s not a boy who shows up at their doorstep, it’s Anne Shirley; an eleven year-old girl with a temper to make her head of “carrots”, a dramatic streak, and a great deal of imagination.
      Anne had already won Matthews’s heart, but Marilla’s was a different story. Yet, after a few chats with Anne and an in counter with a possible, but horrid new foster mom for Anne, Marilla’s decides to let Anne stay. However, Anne Shirley is a lot to handle and often gets into scarps. After flying at Mrs. Lynde, the woman who knows everyone’s business, for calling Anne straight out ugly, breaking a slate a top the handsome Gilbert Blythe’s head, to dying her hair green. The people of Avonlea wonder what Marilla and Matthew of gotten into.

Enjoy and read! Because there's a reason it's a classic,
Read, Write,  Love,

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