Monday, September 6, 2010

Forget You

By Jennifer Echols
Published: July 2010
Publisher: MTV
Pages 304
Isn't it pretty!

Rating: Four Stars!

Forget you is a tale about Zoey; A teenage girl, who deals with her problems by trying to be perfect and always in control. Although, Zoey has enough problems as it is with her parent's recent splint after her father got his 24 year-old secretary pregnant and her mom's recent attempt at suicide . But add in a crash, that leaves Zoey grappling to know what happened the night before leaves her powerless. What she had planned to do, isn't what she seemed to have done. If she didn't go parking with Brandon, then what did she do? As she battles with her consuming fear she tries to figure out what really happened without anyone finding out she doesn't remember. And why is it that Doug, dark and sarcastic Doug, is always around instead of her golden boy, boyfriend Brandon? And why might she is happy about that?

Like every good book it had it's flaws, but it's a tiny pearl inside the great sea of books. The story never became dull  and you went  on an emotional whirlwind with Zoey as strangles to get through her senior* year of high school.
Read, Write, Love
* I thought she was a Senior, but it's not really stated in the book.

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